Solving System Word Problems

We will be looking at different types of word problems involving such ideas as distance, percentages, and something we can all relate to MONEY!!!

This is the exact same process for problem solving that was introduced in Tutorial 16: Formulas and Applications The difference is in this tutorial we will be setting up a system of linear equations as opposed to just working with one equation.

Word Problems Using Systems of Equations helps students learn methods for solving word problems that call for one to solve for more than one variable, and teaches through examples involving mixtures, rate, work, coins, age, digit sums, percentages, and more.

The shortest side of a triangle has length 16 inches.

This is the simplest kind of system of equations to solve.

In fact, many students will solve these kinds of problems without even thinking of it as a system of equations.

Sometimes the problem lies in understanding the problem.

If you are unclear as to what needs to be solved, then you are probably going to get the wrong results.

Do whichever seems more suitable for your class, or show both ways of solving.

Keep in mind that clearing the fractions causes it to no longer be a simple substitution problem.


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