Song Analysis Essay Example

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In other words, notes are started in a simpler and homophonic manner, only to turn into a complex and polyphonic texture, with a mixture of orchestration.A saxophone together with a piano spiced up the melody of the song in a lovely manner.As the song advanced, the saxophone took the center stage, raising the texture as the other instrument accompanied it.It was written by Amparito Roca and first performed in Wind Symphony Theater.The instruments comprised of a high pitched sounding consonance which was set at a peaceful mood in the introductory stage of the song (Stein and Spillman 45).During the loudest pitch which was accompanied by variation of instrumentation, I became more attracted to the performance; and felt explicitly involved.At times, I accompanied the crescendo with my own applause and ululation. The artist performed an Africa, Ceremony Song and Ritua. It was conducted on Tuesday, November 15, 2011, 8.00 PM at Mc Kenna theatre at San Francisco or New Paltz.Was this for the reason that artist was very popular?Or had the musical stirred up curiosity in the audience, or both?


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