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The first step towards effective brainstorming is to set a goal of what one hopes to gain from the session.For example, is it to develop potential topics for a paper or ideas that support a particular argument?Finally, the location from which one brainstorms from makes a big difference in productivity. When writing a paper, there is a way of brainstorming so as to write perfectly.

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One will not need to worry about the actual draft because all the ideas will be on paper.

The second approach is to stay organized whereby one writes points or ideas in an orderly manner.

Free writing applies if a topic has fewer areas to explore.

While some students prefer to list ideas, other learners use a word map.

An example is when you want to write the benefits of something.

In one circle, there will be benefits; the other circle will have the side effects.The first paper will be a rough draft because you will be writing fast.There are two ways of brainstorming when writing a paper.If the topic is open-ended, find an area that is engaging or challenging and write about it.Of utmost importance to a writer, is the consideration of the effect he or she wants the paper to have on the reader. A good paper satisfies both the writer and the reader.The purpose of the outline is to have thoughts in point form to represent ideas.With all these points in place, one will brainstorm perfectly for a paper.The main idea is written at the center of the page and related ideas written further from the center.They are then connected to the main idea using lines.The circle in the middle will not be specific on either the benefits or the side effects.Apart from the Venn diagram, a student can use the spider diagram. From these main ideas, one branches out to the supporting ideas.


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