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They are essential in childhood when a child is learning things, equally important in youth when vigour and strength are at its best. When our body is in growth, there is a particular need of checking things we eat. But if a person becomes lazy and does not do exercise, his abilities start degenerating. The importance of sports is acknowledged for many centuries. In the 21st century when modern inventions are making our life more comfortable and making us sluggish, there is a need to play sports to keep ourselves fit. A person who regularly plays sports is fitter than other people and excels in the race of life. It is sports which play a crucial role in budding the character and mounting excellent health.

Getting involved in sports and games is beneficial for a human being in many ways.

It gives confidence and strength to do many other activities, it relieves stress and makes you feel active whole day.

Outdoor games like football, badminton etc are essential for physical strength and fitness whereas indoor games like carom, chess, sudoku etc are essential in improving concentration and brain power.

Many people feel that playing sports or games will make you feel tired and loose your energy and one cannot concentrate in any other activity, but this perception is completely wrong.

Getting involved in your favourite sport makes you feel happy and confident and gives you immense pleasure. Sports and games are played in our country since centuries.

In old days, there were games like horse riding, cricket, chess and many other which helped them to stay fit and energetic.

One should always have sometime for their favourite sport.

Even indoor games are also a great stress busters and give you a break from routine.

By getting involved in various sports and games a person becomes more active and energetic and can accomplish his activities in a proper way.

It also teaches them to work together as a team in an efficient manner and make them cheerful.


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