Stepparents Essay

Lots of other people have had the same experience and got through it okay.Children need to know that there are plenty of people they can talk to about their thoughts and feelings.Generally, there are advantages and disadvantages to stepfamilies.

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Becoming part of a stepfamily involves adjusting to a number of changes, both for parents and children.

Young people of different ages tend to feel different things about this at first.

Some suggestions for young people include: The stepfamily is one of the most common kinds of family in Australia right now.

A child or young person might feel like no one in the world could understand what they’re feeling, but this isn’t true.

Often, a child’s reaction is not deliberately bad behaviour, but a sign that the child is not coping with the changes.

It is important for this behaviour to be understood.Teenagers can really suffer with changes in their family circumstances at this time of ‘identity crisis’ in their own lives.To feel unstable in their own life and also have an unstable home life does not give them any secure place to feel safe.The child needs to be comforted and assisted to feel loved, supported and secure.Being punished for their behaviour will only make them feel even more isolated.Many children and young people feel confused and upset at first, but most end up happy that they’re part of a stepfamily.Once everyone gets used to the changes and comes to know one another, there can be plenty of good things to like about the arrangement.They may experience a range of feelings, including anger, jealousy, hate, confusion, hurt and despair.These are all natural and part of the loss and grief process. It is important not to blame a child if they are causing problems or feeling angry, sad or resentful. There are many good things about having a stepfamily, like extra nurturing and security.Teenagers aren’t children any more, but they’re not quite adults either.Some of the things an adolescent might go through include: Further down the track, even a well-established relationship between step-parent and stepchild can be disrupted.


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