Sunnie And Shia Essay

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The conflict within Islam arose after Prophet Muhammad died in A. One group, later know as Shia, insisted that the Prophet had already picked that Ali will be first Imam after him (Eckman 31).

This means the Prophet intended that caliph should continue within the Prophet’s bloodline.

Shia refused to accept that Mahdi had died, but they insisted that he actually hid himself and he will return one day to reestablish a new order and Islamic law in the earth again (Eckman 32).

Although Shia and Sunni are Muslim, and both of them believe in the Quran and the Five Pillars, the core fundamental belief of Islam, they are totally different from each other in many ways.

This idea of martyr and suffering appear and express in many of Shia’s ritual and demonstration while Sunni rejects to accept this idea (Eckman 34).

Thirdly, Shia and Sunni both acknowledge the idea of “the end times” according to the Quran says, but the Suuni refused to acknowledge the idea about “the Expected and Awaited” Imam which is taught among Shia that he will return one day to prophesy the end of times to his people (Eckman 34).

The belief that Shia Imam is divinely inspired came from “the Shia Muslim believe Muhammad designated all 12 sucessors by name and that they inherited a special knowledge of the true meaning of the scripture that was passed through the Prophet’s descendant (Dallal 27).

Secondly, Shia strongly holds the value and the importance of the idea of martyr and suffering (Abdulwaheed 33).

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