Techniques For Revising An Essay

When you can’t quite find the right word, using a thesaurus can help (again, Merriam-Webster is good).

Revision itself is not indicative of the quality of the text. White acknowledge the need for revision in the writing process: “Few writers are so expert that they can produce what they are after on the first try.

In their seminal book, The Elements of Style, William Strunk, Jr. Quite often you will discover, on examining the completed work, that there are serious flaws in the arrangement of the material, calling for transpositions...

This is the method that I’ve used for years when writing essays or short stories, to ensure they’re as good as possible before a lecturer or editor gets to see them!

Set your work aside for a period of time – don’t hit ‘Save’ on the first draft then start again straight away on the second pass.


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