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This is where you edit and format the arguments so that they will be placed in logical and chronological sequence. They should develop as the work progresses and they should develop in an acceptable progressive manner and sequence.The facts and values must also be presented in their order of importance, just as you present points in a sample case study where the most important ones come first.When I hire people to write my essay, I also ensure that the works they give me are in line with these principal elements of the essay.

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Notice that we used key phrases, like “While some might argue” and “Some would argue.” These are great lead-ins to stating a primary objection to your main point.

But we then take apart the counterargument while acknowledging that it has merit.

That Lincoln:knew that there was no point in “[freeing black Americans] and [keeping] them among us as underlings.” Therefore, he decided the only solution, once slavery ended naturally, was to send all the black people in America “back” to Africa, “their own native land.” This despite the fact that America was their own native land.

These are both argumentative positions, and they would require significant logic and eloquence to build compelling cases around.

Whenever you are writing a persuasive essay, the major task is to try and convince others.

So, when you are told to work on persuasive argumentative essay topics, you should first of all center on those topics that will give you the room to argue in order to get people to agree with the facts and value you are presenting in or with the argument.Some people are just idea generators, and this kind of stuff comes more naturally when you talk about it with other people (which is exactly what your teachers hope happens! Mature college and high school writers understand that there are legitimate points of view that differ from theirs.They realize that it doesn’t necessarily weaken their argument to acknowledge this.The major thing that will stand your essay out is that you must establish your facts with enough evidence.The evidence is meant to offer the needed support to your arguments.In fact, including a counterargument in your writing is a key differentiator between “B” essays and “A” essays.And counterarguments are awesome fodder for those difficult to write introductions or conclusions.We are giving the counterargument some respect, but ultimately begging to differ.This is the heart of debate and dialog, and a key skill for any writer. So when you’re quoting statistics, add a sentence or two that interprets that evidence to support your argument.When writing a persuasive essay, you should note that there are some argumentative systems that have been mapped out by the masters to help you.These argumentative systems may not be easy for you to use and apply.


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