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Most people spend way more time than they care to admit scrolling through Facebook or Twitter posts, reading emails, or sending texts.While it may not be reading or writing in the traditional style, it is still reading and writing.

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Due to Twitter’s now 280 character limit, proper spelling and grammar seem to fly out the window.

Tweets are often short and witty, not typically as personal and centered around the users day to day happenings and life accomplishments.

Do you want to get the word out about your product or service?

Do you want your slides to reach people who could not make it to your talk?

Are you a teacher looking to share your lesson plans?

It only takes a moment - start uploading now, and let your slides do the talking!Emails are usually much more professional and formal and usually contain a proper greeting followed by complete sentences and formal ending.We typically send them to very different people too, texts usually go to close friends and family, while emails are often reserved for more professional conversations with employers or professors.This is one instance of similar methods of communication being used in very different ways.Facebook and Twitter are two of the most frequently used social media sites.It tends to be more personal and center around day to day life than other sites.Twitter tends to be much more fast paced and less serious than Facebook.This multimedia archive on digital storytelling shares the results of a multi-campus study of student learning and digital storytelling in humanities classrooms.Digital stories are multimedia projects combining text, images, audio and video files into short film clips.In recent years, digital storytelling has turned college and university classrooms into spaces of creative critical multimedia production.Digital stories have proven to be a powerful medium for students to represent a theoretically-informed understanding of texts and contexts in a form other than “traditional” writing.


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