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Your diet may play a role in determining the length of your telomeres.

Instead, they suggest that genetics and other non-dietary factors play a role.

When you’re stressed, your body releases hormones that can cause oxidative stress.

But it seems that cancer cells are able to use telomerase to protect their telomeres, delaying their deterioration.

Based on this information, some new cancer treatments target telomerase to help destroy cancer cells faster.

But no one fully understands the impact that telomere shortening has on our overall health.

A found a link between shorter telomeres and an increased rate of death from heart disease and infectious diseases.

Given the links between telomere shortening and disease, some people are now interested in finding ways to lengthen their telomeres. Research surrounding telomere lengthening is still very new. While it’s unclear if you can actually lengthen your telomeres, there are likely ways to slow down the shortening process.

For example, a Compared to the 25 participants with low-risk prostate cancer who didn’t make the lifestyle changes, the 10 who did had longer telomeres five years later.

But this study is nearly 20 years old and only involved 143 participants.

More recent meta-analyses also suggest connections between shorter telomeres and .


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