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Gender inequality can be found in many sub-systems of America.It is important to understand what gender inequality is in order to identify and correct the problem.

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Gender discriminatory pay sprouts from structural imbalances aligned to gender segregation by departments, networks, and job ladders.

Overrepresentation of the female gender on some sections makes that sector a lower status area.

In spite of several advancements by international bodies to eliminate gender segregation in the labor sector, such efforts have borne little fruits.

However, the low educational status of the female gender plays a major role in forming the basis for discrimination by employers. As a child is born, his/her life is directed from the colors to ascribe to, how to behave as one belonging to a certain gender and the roles to play.

Like others, a social problem that is widespread in American society is Gender inequality.

It is a problem that has had a negative impact on American society.

In addition, an organization’s corporate culture does affect the equity and equality of employees.

Some places create a hostile culture that only the males can survive intimidating the women.

Gender inequality has detrimental effects on society, the economy and human development.

A favorable climate for diversity sets in with fair treatment of every person regardless of the socially ascribed roles based on one’s sex.


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