The Existence Of God Essay

After all, if God does not exist, there is no reason to be interested in God at all.

Lewis once remarked that God is not the sort of thing one can be moderately interested in.

Since the beginning of time, man has been struggling to answer the question, how did we get here?

What or who was responsible for the creation of life and the cosmos?

To make his own case regarding this issue, Aquinas established his five criteria on the existence of God through Summa Theologica, the first three of which became known form the basis of the cosmological argument confirming God's existence.

The five ways Aquinas used to confirm the existence of God all stemmed from a first cause argument (Titus and Smith, 242).It seemed natural to conclude that there must have been a higher power that created the reality known by man.However, how does one prove the existence of such a God?In the First Way, Aquinas established that everything that is finite undergoes change, and by following these successive changes, finite man is eventually led to God.Until this happens, finite objects cannot be changed.One thing that’s certain is that the Ontological Argument, whether sound or unsound, is a fascinating and powerful attempt at a proof for the existence of God.Which is greater, a God who exists merely in conception or a God who exists in reality as well as in conception? The strategy, as you have seen, is to assume the opposite of what you are trying to prove, show how that assumption entails either a contradiction or some other form of absurdity, and then to reject the original assumption. It is plausible that for any type of existing object, one of the ones that exists is the best one (in terms of whatever makes that sort of thing a good one of what it is).So our original assumption, that God doesn’t exist in reality, but merely in conception, must be false, since any assumption that entails a contradiction must be false.Therefore, God must exist both in conception and in reality. Many people, however, have been uncomfortable with the purported fact that we can prove the Almighty’s existence so apparently simply.In other words, life perpetuates itself as one cause prompts the occurrence of an event which becomes the cause for a subsequent event and so on through infinity.However, at some point, there had to be a first cause, which set these wheels into motion, which is the being commonly referred to as God (Titus and Smith, 242).


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