The Importance Of Technology Today Essay

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We don’t give much thought to it today, but if the paper had not been invented, we would not have any material to record our thoughts on.Along with paper, the printing press was the method by which people’s thoughts were permanently recorded and shared with others for centuries.College students study this trend in History classes and sometimes must pay for essay to be written about their course learning material.

By harnessing the power of nature, such as that coming from lightning, we were able to understand how it could power things.

Without the invention of electricity, none of our modern amenities would exist because we would all still be living by candlelight.

They are the technological advancement of all time.

Without semi-conductor chips, the computer would have never been invented.

Yes, even eyeglasses that we take for granted while wearing had a tremendously primitive start regarding its discovery and use.

Aside from the eyeglasses, there are also other fundamental inventions, such as the candle that led to the modern streetlight. Let’s do a run-down of these important inventions to expand your knowledge.Having evolved from the large as room computers of the 1970’s, the 1980’s personal computer was a miracle.It caused the demise of the lowly typewriter as the first choice for cleanly written text because of the creation of the word processing software.Before Elon Musk tried to reinvent the engine, the combustion engine was created for use in trains and cars.This predecessor is the reason that cars were invented and that airplanes could finally fly farther and faster.Before the long – distance airplane was invented, the human was satisfied with travelling by boat from one country to another.The advent of the airplane allowed the human to reach his destinations faster and more efficiently than when travelling by boat.The need for people to carry their computer with them led to the invention of the laptop, which spun off into the android phone and tablet.With this single invention, the face of technology changed for man.Before the mobile phone, there was the corded telephone that needed to be used while staying in one place.This invention brought humankind out of the written age of communication and into the verbal period of interaction, which eventually evolved into the internet of things and the invention of social media.


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