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My attention was diverted to the heated discussion among the enthusiastic college guys.

My attention was diverted to the heated discussion among the enthusiastic college guys.

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But as the life today has become very costly, any type of guest is not welcomed now.

But some uninvited and unexpected guest drops in and makes the life of the host miserable. My mother had to prepare tea for him at that late hour.

It was there for a few moments, and in the blink of an eye, it was gone.

The windows started to shake, slowed down, and shook again.

The rain water from above crashed onto them violently.

The ground was covered with leaves and broken branches, barely visible during a night like this.The trees’ branches and twigs were scraping against them.The doors were locked, and the windows sealed shut. So was my experience about the unexpected guest, a total stranger. I posted myself in my favourite corner with soft light and ordered for black coffee. I wrapt myself in a shawl and went to the nearby Irani Resturant ‘Friends Corner’. A group of half of a dozen yay and garrulous collegians was sitting round the marble table and sipping hot coffee.Some were known, but some were quite unknown to all of us. Have you ever heard or experienced so many guests at your house without any notice. We were all invited for food to our friend’s house. The men folk had finished their meals and the ladies were about to begin when our servant came running.My mummy was really sick and she was not inclined to go out for food. He brought the information that a large com­pany of guests have arrived.Though he was like an uninvited guest, we asked him to share coffee. Guests are pests- at least so I thought when I saw unexpectedly a large number of guests in our house.The boy in high-neck coat was praising Castro, the Cubian leader. The other in Persian tone said, “Imam Khumaini is the greatest man”. The stranger (the guest) had proved that he was the greatest one. They all burst into the chorus: “Indeed he was the greatest, for he has over reached us all. In the meanwhile, a hippi-like stranger entered the coffee-room unperceptably. nibody can compare with the actor President Regan” As the heated debate was on the stranger suddenly looked into his watch: excused himself, took leave of the company and walked away. As he put his hand into his pocket, he found it picked. As he put his hand into the side pocket, his purse was missing. The amused proprietor soon joined them and asked what had happened. As the proprietor walked up the counter, he was stunted.


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