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its defining sequence, any input value(s) and a sequence of recursive functions appearing in the defining sequence with inputs and outputs.Thus, if in the defining sequence of a recursive function appear, then terms of the form 'g(5)=7' or 'h(3,2)=10' might appear.Automata theory is the study of abstract machines (or more appropriately, abstract 'mathematical' machines or systems) and the computational problems that can be solved using these machines. Automata comes from the Greek word (Αυτόματα) which means that something is doing something by itself.

its defining sequence, any input value(s) and a sequence of recursive functions appearing in the defining sequence with inputs and outputs.

Much of computability theory builds on the halting problem result.

Another important step in computability theory was Rice's theorem, which states that for all non-trivial properties of partial functions, it is undecidable whether a Turing machine computes a partial function with that property.

An automaton can be a finite representation of a formal language that may be an infinite set.

Automata are used as theoretical models for computing machines, and are used for proofs about computability.

This course introduces students to formal languages and automata theory.

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It will emphasize on grammar, language and abstract machine such as Regular Grammar, Context Free Grammar, Finite Automata, Push Down Automata, and Turing Machine.We thus say that in order to solve this problem, the computer needs to perform a number of steps that grows linearly in the size of the problem.To simplify this problem, computer scientists have adopted Big O notation, which allows functions to be compared in a way that ensures that particular aspects of a machine's construction do not need to be considered, but rather only the asymptotic behavior as problems become large.The theory of computation can be considered the creation of models of all kinds in the field of computer science. In the last century it became an independent academic discipline and was separated from mathematics.Some pioneers of the theory of computation were Ramon Llull, Alonzo Church, Kurt Gödel, Alan Turing, Stephen Kleene, Rózsa Péter, John von Neumann and Claude Shannon.Language theory is a branch of mathematics concerned with describing languages as a set of operations over an alphabet.It is closely linked with automata theory, as automata are used to generate and recognize formal languages.Two major aspects are considered: time complexity and space complexity, which are respectively how many steps does it take to perform a computation, and how much memory is required to perform that computation.In order to analyze how much time and space a given algorithm requires, computer scientists express the time or space required to solve the problem as a function of the size of the input problem.The course will also provide practice on the acceptability of data by these machines.At the end of the course, students should be able to apply the theory in constructing this abstract machine and testing them with the right data.


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