Thesis About Vocabulary Learning Strategies

Thesis About Vocabulary Learning Strategies-76
Lexical-semantic organization in bilingual children: Evidence from a repeated word association task. The assessment of deep word knowledge in young first and second language learners. The current study was carried out to examine L2 learners’ VLS use habits and the relationship of VLS with their vocabulary proficiency levels. Exploring the gender effect on efl learners’ beliefs about language learning.

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Frequency of use, perceived usefulness, and actual usefulness of second language vocabulary.

Vocabulary learning strategies and language learning outcomes.

Self-report questionnaires on frequency of usage of distinct vocabulary learning strategies were distributed to 15 Thai learners of English at tertiary level.

Male students were discovered to employ form-focused strategies as well as metacognitive monitoring and evaluation strategies more frequently whilst female students were found to adopt meaning-focused cognitive strategies and metacognitive planning strategies more frequently than their counterparts do.

The relationship between vocabulary learning strategies and vocabulary size of Turkish EFL students.

Developmental and motivational perspectives on cooperative learning: a reconciliation. Special Issue on Schools and Development: 1161-1167.

Cross-linguistic similarity in foreign language learning.

Vocabulary learning strategies of Iranian undergraduate EFL students and its relation to their vocabulary size.

To examine these matters, a descriptive research design was employed.

The participants included 252 preparatory students from different proficiency groups (Upper-Intermediate, Intermediate, Pre-Intermediate, Beginner) at Gaziantep University Higher School of Foreign Languages. Strategies and performance in ıntentional L2 vocabulary learning.


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