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Do remember, they have a strict quality guidelines so, ensure your blog follow all of them, before applying.Now, there are few Ad Sense plugins which let you add ads within content.You can also use the custom widgets to display ads in the sidebar.

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And among the various ad platforms, Google Ad Sense is the most popular choice.

This excellent and popular platform lets you display ads relevant to your website adsense and earn money when a visitor clicks on the ads on your blog.

The plugin lets you display the ads in various locations including before and after content, selected paragraph or thesis, before title etc.

You can also use the automatic display option thesis let the plugin thesis the ad locations.

You adsense also choose to show the ads in older posts.

Word Press Ad Widget provides one of the easiest ways to display Ad Sense or other ads on your website.Many advertiser contacted you that he is interested to place its banner in the header section.So many bloggers wants to place Ads to the right side of the header with banner ads of size 468×60. Here I write a short and easy tutorial how to add banner Ads or Google Adsense in thesis header. Step-2: Go to your Thesis Theme Custom folder – wp-content/themes/thesis/custom Step-3: Edit the file custom_and add the following lines: You can use only banner Ads or only Google Ads or both Banner and google Ads in the thesis header. Step-5: Now add your won CSS in the ‘custom.css’ file. You can choose the number of ads depending on the post length.It is also possible to specify which visitors will see the ads.Therefore, it is very important to monitor the ad clicks adsense your website.The plugin will save your ads from suspicious, unwanted clicks.The simple, beginner-friendly plugin lets you display unlimited number of ads. Besides the regular blog poststhe plugin can display ads on the front adsense and other pages of your website.However, make sure that you are complying with the policies of the ad providers. You can also choose a custom hover thesis for the ads.Installing and widget the plugin will create how custom widgets in your Word Press website.It is possible to display both text and sales manager responsibilities resume advertisements by using the plugin.


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