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He received undergraduate degrees in English (secondary education) and writing from Millikin University in Decatur and his master’s degree in English from the University of Illinois-Springfield. The program is cross-cultural and transdisciplinary and offers an academic-professional degree designed to prepare students to conduct research and to disseminate their findings through teaching and publishing in professional journals.Clemson’s rhetorics, communication and information design (RCID) Ph. “The [RCID] program here is really innovative,” said Carson.Rap music is said to have negative effects on people because these people make their judgments based up on what they hear.

Most people are offended by explicit and disruptive cruel language in these rap songs.

Sex is a word that can offend someone when it is expressed the wrong way.

While rap groups preach sex and use it in their music, parents would rather have their children learn about sex in school or be the primary source of education themselves.

Parents more than often will try and have their children listen to a diverse selection of music.

“When I spoke to the director of the program, he knew that I was working for the Urban League and was a writer-in-residence for a university’s literary journal and doing a lot of other things.

I operated in a lot of different worlds and he said, ‘Yes, that’s what we do — that’s what we want!The world of music today varies in categories from rock and roll to rap.Music is a way for people to communicate their feelings, thoughts, and dreams.The use of drugs can affect anyone's judgment and decision making processes such as sexual choices. These substances should not be used unless medically approved, and even when prescribed they still may have negative effects.Many people don't like to hear about drugs, especially when parents are trying to keep their children from using them.Throughout his childhood in Decatur, Illinois, where his father was a factory worker and his mother a caretaker for her disabled brother, Carson was more a seeker of knowledge than a dreamer of fame and fortune.“My parents divorced when I was fairly young and I have seven siblings,” he explained.“I mostly grew up with my mother and one — sometimes two — of my brothers.We moved from one apartment to another just about every nine months.He enlisted two childhood friends from Illinois, Blake E. The resulting music has a production value good enough to rival anything on the charts today. Before he became an assistant professor at Clemson, Kumanyika was in the hip-hop group “The Spooks,” which had several gold and platinum records in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Carson’s virtuosic musical performance and composition, his scholarly rigor and his deep literacy with African-American cultural production are all on display in his mostly completed dissertation,” said Kumanyika.At Clemson, Carson discovered that one of his professors, Chenjerai Kumanyika, just happened to be a former hip-hop musician with a Ph. Kumanyika became a mentor to Carson and provided literature and insight on theory and methodology that informed his dissertation. “The project, which has already been referenced publicly by such leading scholars in popular music culture as Mark Anthony Neal, explores complicated questions related to the art, criticism and knowledge production in the context of the ongoing problem of global racial and class hierarchies within and beyond the academy.


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