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This creates an empathy for Hester and creates the desire that she finds happiness.

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Life is filled with suffering caused by human nature, yet it is also softened with times of love, laughter and joy.

In my view I would have seen their escape as evidence that no matter how dark the night there is at least the moon, if not noonday sun.

He did not have to give it a tragic end to make his point.

Many characters go through transformations in The Scarlet Letter, and one of those characters is Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale.

Dimmesdale is described as the worst of sinners, yet he is seen as the holiest man in his community.

Dimmesdale's progression occurs throughout the story, but can be seen in three main parts.She is branded and adulteress and must wear a scarlet A on her dress. As Hawthorne develops his story, she goes through difficult times.We are given insight into her conflict and herself rejection.He first denies his sin, then he unwillingly accepts it, and finally he overcomes it.The three scaffold scenes can represent these three stages.Hawthorne is just that, the tragic story of Hester Prynne, a women found guilty of adultery, her rejection, public humiliation, and her inner feelings and the effect on her community in 1850. Hawthorne tries to bring some hope into the story, but largely it is a book of despair.With skill, he shares the paradox in human nature and sets off his romantic ideas against the rigid religious Puritan culture.There they would have been able to be free of the stigma of the scarlet letter, giving hope to people trapped in bigoted communities that there are other places and other people with different views.They would have shed light on their experiences and feelings, and given insight into a more realistic picture of life.He cannot admit his sin because he is a holy man, and admitting his sin would mean losing the faith of his congregation.Instead he struggles with his sin and tortures himself in an effort to gain forgiveness for what he has done.


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