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The most common request was for tips on how to pick the right employer, I think that's a reflection that this is a buyers market [I promise to write that post just as soon as I can]. Anything really, but a real problem for my company or a company I know.

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In fact you'll love the challenge and you'll reply with specifics and not ambiguous FUD.

It is amazing how quickly one can cut through the Interviewee's BS or lack of thinking capability or actual experience. Can give a complete answer (so many people fail at this), even if a wrong one.

The instructor can also make sure that all students contribute to team brainstorming and problem solving sessions.

Teaching using these methods will likely cause some discomfort when students are truly challenged to apply their thinking ability.

Students can also be lead to be inquisitive of set theories and ask why things happen the way they do.

On an individual basis, students can be asked to explain results, and defend conclusions.

One of the primary goals of an educator should be to help students develop the desire and ability to think on their own.

Independent thinking is the desire of a person to convince oneself that the information being presented is true or reasonable.

This differs from critical thinking, which is the process used to collect and process information to arrive at a logical conclusion.

In other words, independent thinking has more to do with the desire to think for oneself and critical thinking is the process used to deal with information.


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