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The cost of housing was on the rise and the people that had serious cases of serious mental illness were being deinstitutionalized.When the cases of homeless people was becoming a case of a national epidemic, the professionals who were helping them then created shelters as a form of temporary refuges for the homeless to occupy.In this industry, there is heavy reliance on voluntary help, as a result of this; the pay rates are often low. The revenue in the industry is about billion but the industry is highly fragmented and no single player can account for the significant share of the revenue in the industry.

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The continuous recovery of the United States economy will slow down the funding of this industry as more Americans find jobs and are able to get permanent housing.

The industry revenue is expected to increase at a marginal average annual rate through 2017.

The homeless shelter industry provides several community housing services which includes short-term emergency shelter for victims of child abuse or sexual assault and domestic violence; temporary residential shelter for runaway youths, families that are caught up in medical crises and the homeless; transitional housing and assisted living for people with low level of income and other volunteer repair and construction work needed by low-cost housing.

There are about 3.5 million people that are homeless in the United States.

To start a homeless shelter, you need to have compassion for people in need to be able to run a homeless shelter successfully.

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You help to provide the needy with a roof over their head and you give them food to eat when you start it.People come to stay in the homeless shelters for short periods and the homeless shelter offer helps them with how they can get their life back on track and go back to living independently again.Most homeless shelters are associated with municipal governments or churches and they fund their activities by getting funds from government and other donors that support their cause.These shelters are in existence to give protection to homeless people against harsh weather conditions.By starting a homeless shelter, you are helping people who are in the need of a home.Many people in the United States are spending a lot of their income on only rent and this makes them vulnerable to becoming homeless.This has led to a rise in demand for the services of homeless shelters but there are low resources to run these shelters.There are curfews in these shelters and they are fixed at early hours than is typical for people who return back to their homes.Some shelters run as only daytime alone homeless shelters, where homeless people can stay when they can’t stay at their shelters that are operated as night time shelters.As a result of this, the demand for the services in this industry is still high.The United States still has a lot of need for the services of homeless shelter therefore this will lead to further growth of the revenue in the industry.


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