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Para esse fim apresentamos um recorte de 19 episódios selecionados a partir das 5 temporadas originais da série entre os anos de 1959 e 1964 e arranjados como eixos que articulem coerentemente as temáticas inerentes à série da solidão, da aventura espacial e da metamorfose do homem moderno com a apropriação por ela dos gêneros da Ficção Científica e da Utopia.

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Interesting and theoretical, because who ever heard of a man going back in time?

Before tonight, that is, because this is - The Twilight Zone.

John Wilkes Booth himself had drugged him to prevent any interference in fulfilling his mission. Unable to explain the shift in time but knowing that he will now be in familiar surroundings, he returns to the Potomac Club and asks for William.

As he hears the crowd outside spreading the news that the president has just been shot, Peter realizes it is too late. His request for an attendant named William is met with only confusion.

The relationship between sequence similarity and homology can break down for certain levels of similarity.

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The zone of pairwise identity where a known pair of homologs has a 50% chance or less of being inferred as homologous based on the alignment score is called the twilight zone.

The twilight zone for nucleotide homology has previously been calculated using databases that were small or contained bias.

Therefore, the aim of this research was to calculate the twilight zone of nucleotide homology using a carefully designed database of homologous sequences.

He had been the only person to believe Peter, and made a name for himself by trying to stop the assassination, went on to become chief of police, then a councilman, and then a millionaire by investing in real estate.

For Peter, the question of whether past events are unchangeable via time travel is no longer speculation.


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