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It's to the extent that there is only one small paragraph about how Ichi Hime shippers bash other ships in comparison to paragraphs about how "evil" other rabid and militant shippers from other pairings are.

The first troper was a Ichigo/Rukia fan and the second troper was a Ichigo/Orihime fan. thiscanalsocounttosayingwhichversionisbettersubordubandpeoplebashingonthedubmorethanthesubbutthisisjustmebwhahaha However, if I can say one thing as an Ulquihime fan...

Can I please have a unbiased opinion on the above two statements? I hope Orihime has a good explanation on the offchance Batz and Grimmjow are recruited for, you know, that one apparently-existing scene in the recent filler arc. Okay, I was the one who posted that and I apologise.

But hey; Ichigo and Orihime are Tite's secondary Author Ship. So since I was wound up, both from that and the thread I found on FLOL (because believe it or not, I actually LIKE Ichi Hime as a pairing in fanworks) I posted something stupid without realising that it sounded really wanky. I'm not really in Bleach fandom that much anymore, although I do still follow the series, so I can pretty much see how immature my post was.

#UBISCUpdates #UBISC2019 #Ever Upward #Excelsior Missed the opening ceremonies of U-BISC 2019?

Go back to wherever you are from (likely Bleachness/BA) and keep your hatred of Ichigo/Orihime and Orihime herself there. I'm not sure what it is I'm looking at, but I do know that editing someone's post to express your own views is also not "kosher" on this site.

Stuff like this is pathetic, vicious, and utterly stupid. Also, I corrected someone's spelling of "sweetheart", although "swetheart" was pretty humorous and perhaps I should have left it in.

"CANON" with a screencap of Rukia and Orihime having a sweet friendship moment, then "FANON" with a bad drawing of them in a big dramatic catfight over Ichigo...

Hide/Show Replies Also, I find VERY suspicious that this happens in EXACTLY the same week in which rabid Ichigo/Rukia and Rukia fans exploded in absolute vicious HATRED of Orihime due to her feelings being YET AGAIN confirmed by canon.

Whenever a Shonen story has an Estrogen Brigade amidst their fandom, it's inevitable for a shipping war to ignite the mere second that a character interacts with another.

What makes Bleach especially notable, however, is how the het fans are the ones causing the most amount of Fan Dumb around these parts.


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