Unsuccessful Application Letter After

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In 2014, I posted a version of this article on Linked In with this headline: The Biggest Mistake After a Job Rejection. Many employers decide not to hire a candidate and never let the candidate know.

If you did NOT like them, and don't really want to work there, don't bother.

Any hiring process can be an exciting and stressful time.

Exciting because of the prospects of finding a candidate that will fit perfectly into your team and make it stronger, but also stressful because you’ll need to reject a number of unsuccessful candidates in the process. While many employers don’t bother informing unsuccessful candidates about their decision, it’s usually good practice to let them know you won’t be taking their application any further.

At this time, we have chosen to proceed with another candidate who has more leadership experience.

However, we were impressed with your background and industry knowledge and feel you would be a great culture fit for our company.

Of course, if you have dozens of applicants who have applied for a role, sending personalized rejection messages to each person who is not selected for the job can seem like a tedious and time-consuming task.

However, it’s crucial you don’t skip or delay this step.

If you learned another way, you may -- or may not -- want to share how you found out.

An email is typically the best way to respond, particularly if that is how you have corresponded with this employer in the past.


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