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Imagists had no use for late Victorian wordiness, flowery figuration and “beautiful” abstraction.

They rejected such qualities through staunch assertions demanding concision, concentration, precise visuality and a sort of super-focused emotive objectivity.

In this course, we follow, to the best of our ability — and given the limits of time — that tradition and try to make overall sense of it. Here in week 1, we will explore Dickinson first, Whitman second, and then begin to sketch out the major differences between them, which, some say, amount to two opposite ends of the spectrum of poetic experimentalism and dissent in the nineteenth century.

Which is to say: on the spectrum of traditional-to-experimental poetry, these two poets are on the same end (experimental); on the spectrum of experimentalism, their approaches can put them on opposite ends.

No special or separate teaching is conducted for the curriculum for a complete description of the third- and fourth-year curriculum.

Upenn Faculty Essay

Students participate in a modern health care delivery system which simulates general practice.Following the successful completion of the second year, students will be fully integrated into the class where they take part in all academic and clinical experiences in the third and fourth years of dental school.This includes participation in externships abroad or in the U. and the Selectives course offerings to customize a student’s educational experience.Week 2 of Mod Po 2019 runs from Sunday, September 15 at 9 AM through Sunday, September 22 at 9 AM.For those doing Mod Po on their own or in small groups, the week 2 materials are open and available all year.In short, they offer us alternative poetic radicalisms, and their influences down the line (which we will explore in week 2) are both powerful but are also largely distinct.One question you'll be prepared to ask by the end of the course: Is the Dickinsonian or the Whitmanian tradition more ascendant and apt in today's experimental poetry?During this week, the second half of chapter 1, we will read the work of two poets writing in the Whitmanian mode and three poets writing in the Dickinsonian mode.We will encounter our Whitmanians, William Carlos Williams and Allen Ginsberg, again later in the course—Williams as a modernist and Ginsberg as a Beat poet.ASSIGNMENTS: During this week, there are two quizzes due (see below); there are no writing assignments or peer reviews due.There is a live webcast on Wednesday, September 11, 2019, at 3 PM (Philadelphia time).


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