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Please state in endorsement “Member meets the minimum requirements for Special Assignments as outlined in PERSMAN Art. E and is highly recommended for MSRT duty.”And here's the Personnel Manual requirements for ALL special assignments:4. Minimum Standards For All Special Duty Assignments Members must possess standard minimum qualifications for all Special Duty assignments.Additional requirements which may apply are included elsewhere in this chapter under the appropriate heading for the specific type of assignment.

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I cannot find anything on MSST or MSRT recruitment.

Any info on what rate, or requirements to join one of these teams would be helpful. Thx I don't believe those organizations have billets for unrated Seamen or Firemen, so you wouldn't normally expect people to be sent there straight out of boot camp.

Qualify to operate a motor vehicle, hold a valid state-operating license, and have no history of repeated traffic violations.11.

A history of demonstrated financial responsibility; no record of excessive indebtedness or indication of non-payment of just debts12.

Commands will ensure the member, during the application process and also before executing his or her orders, meets the standard minimum qualifications.

Commander (CGPC-epm) will review the Discriminator Identification and Tracking System (Chapter 8. If an applicant becomes ineligible anytime after applying for a Special Duty assignment, his or her command shall send a message to Commander (CGPC-epm).Have the abilities to correspond with and address the public pleasantly and confidently and to speak and write clearly.3.No court-martial or felony convictions (federal, state or local) in the past six years.4.Averages 60-90 DAFHP for operations, training for CBRNE can add 60-90 DAFHP for quals and schools.DAS and CBRNE Member E-Resume (Enter into comments block- Make it easy just “cut and paste” the below items, then add your data.):• Statement of your motivation and ability to perform mission.No non-judicial punishment or misdemeanor convictions (federal, state or local) in the past four years.5. No unsatisfactory conduct mark or characteristic factor average less than three during the past four years.7.No individual factor average less than four during the last two years.8.The standard minimum qualifications are as follows:1.Must consistently exhibit mature judgment, even temperament, tact, diplomacy, and discretion.2.Fitness Standards: There are no variations for gender or age.Minimum entry level standards are: Run: 1.5 miles under 12 minutes Swim: 500 yards under 20 minutes Push-Ups: 40 under 1 minute Sit-Ups: 40 under 1 minute Pull-Ups: 5Chin-Ups: 5Swim in Full ODUs and Boots: 100 yards no time requirement.


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