Using Animals For Scientific Research Essay

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Some may say that animal testing has its advantages, as it helps the society.

But what are the benefits from using animals for scientific researches?

Below we will consider the main facts, which will prove that it is impossible to avoid use of animals in the science researches.

Let’s take a closer look at the use of animals in the medicine area.

Since long time ago animals starting from mice to cows have been used for researches. And what well-known animal defence communities say?

There are lots of examples of testing these or that phenomena on animals. Well, there are many points of views concerning the topic.

The other situation is when scientists have to work in some dangerous areas (ocean depth, cold weather, etc).

It is possible to use animals as pioneers in order to save the scientists’ lives so that they could continue to work on their discoveries.

Irrespective of it, the contribution of animals is huge, as today the scientists have already found treatment methods for such illnesses as brain injury, malaria, childhood leukemia, breast cancer, tuberculosis and many more. On the other hand, after animal testing, a woman can be sure that the cosmetic is worth buying, as it safe for her skin and health.

Some of you would ask: why animals are chosen for realizing scientific research? Can you believe that mice are similar to humans for 98%? Mammals have the same organs that each of you has: lungs, heart, kidneys etc.


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