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We examine the Viking longships and their role in raids.Then we explore the impact these raids had on European history.Next we look at some of the other things the Vikings did besides raiding.

The period of their existence is usually referred to as the Viking Age, which spanned from the late eighth to the mid-eleventh century.

Many scholars consider that the Viking Age started in 793 after the Vikings destroyed the abbey on Lindisfarne.

The arrangement of the marriage had two steps: the betrothal and the wedding.

The arrangement was initiated by either a man or his father.

The group of people living under the same dwelling was referred as a household.

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Due to a lack of sources, it is hard to estimate the number of people living under a typical Viking household, but some historians estimate that the number could have been between 10 and 13.

On the other hand, daughters had priority over their grandfathers and uncles.

Women also inherited the land from any children who died without successors.

When talking about marriage, love and emotions did not have any particular role within the Viking culture.

Instead, marriage was nothing but a commercial contract between two people with a similar social status.


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