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 Commitment to opportunity  Commitment of resources  Control of resources  Strategic orientation Which of the following are the key factors for choosing the type of financing? NAFTA stands for: a) North American Free Trade Agreements b) North Asian Free Trade Agreements c) National Asian Free Trade Agreements d) National American Free Trade Agreements 2.

 Availability of funds  Assets of the venture  Prevailing interest rates  All of the above options The difference between the value of a country’s imports and exports over time is called:  Deficit exports  Deficit imports  Balance of payment  Balance of debt Licensing is a significant marketing strategy to:  Use intellectual property of others  Pirate others’ patents  Grow the business in new markets  Control the costs The _________ plan should contain control points to ascertain progress. The factor______________ is probably the most prevalent reason for mergers.

 Highly creative & in love with the invention  Does not encourage change  Willing to modify the invention in order to augment commercial benefit  None of the given options Following are the types of non equity arrangements EXCEPT:  Licensing  Management contracts  Direct export  Turnkey projects In terms of chronological age, most entrepreneurs initiate their entrepreneurial carrier between ages of:  15 and 22  22 and 45  45 and 57  57 and 63 Which of the following is included in the description of the business? a) International Business b) Economies of Scales c) Balance of Payment d) None of the given options 7.

 Location  Products offered  History  All of the given options Companies identify their assets with the date of purchase, because it can be helpful in determining depreciation for:  Goodwill  Trade rebate  Tax purposes  Capital structuring What is the primary concern of founders who trade equity for capital for their growing venture? ________________ is an entrepreneurial type who quickly identifies new promising business opportunities but rarely, if ever, follows through on the opportunity to create a successful new venture.

 Finance and marketing  Finance and R&D  Marketing and R&D  Marketing and IT Which one of the following should consider in economy while conducting environmental analysis?

 GNP  Disposable income  Unemployment  Channel of distribution __________ is commonly used to measure the short-term solvency of the venture?

MGT602 Entrepreneurship Final term Papers & MCQs The resistance of employees in an organization against flexibility, growth, and diversification can be overcome by developing:  Entrepreneurship  Intrapreneurship  Managerial domain  Administrative domain For the success of business plan the goals should be  Limitless  Generalized  Specific  Imaginary LMM stands for:  Locally Manufactured Machinery  Locally Manufactured Marble  Local Marble Market  Local Meat Market Which of the following is NOT essential part of the contract?

 All the parties involved should be named  Transaction should be described in detail  Obtain signatures of the persons involved  Place where contract takes place Normally sponsor links are used in which of the following type of promotion?

 Business  Marketing  Financial  Operational Which one of the following method shows the term which is related to starting from scratch to a bigger picture? a) Taxation b) Economies of scale c) Inflation d) Mergers 3.

 Upward movement method  Incremental method  Downward movement method  None of the above options Which is one of the most important leadership qualities among managers and employees in the organization? First stage of production planning and development processes is e. A _____________ merger is a combination of two firms producing the same products but selling them in different geographic markets. Personal characteristics to be a successful entrepreneur includes i.


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