Water Pollution Essays For Students

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Water, like air, is one of the most important and most precious of natural resources and a regular and plentiful supply of clean water is essential for the survival and health of most living organisms.

As a consequence of rapidly expanding industrialization and excessive population growths, most of our rivers, lakes, streams and other water bodies are being increasingly polluted.

Polluted water is particularly dangerous to water plants and. Argument essay on student loan forgiveness kendrick lamar control verse. Word Count: 1140; Approx Pages: 5; Save Essay; View my Saved Essays; Downloads: 104. Free Essay: Global Response The PUR packets were one way of trying to handling the issue of creating better water conditions in developing countries. I have to complete my essay quite soon and hence I need your assistance as fast as possible. This sample essay is on the causes of water pollution.

Mainly, water sources like rivers, ponds and lakes are polluted by the wastes.

Current estimates indicate that about 75% of India’s available water is polluted.

The Ganga, which drains a quarter of the country’s land area, is now one of our most polluted rivers, sharing this dubious distinction with the Damodar (Bihar, W.

Water pollution is most often caused by uncontrolled rejection of wastes (Table 8.6).

Although water pollution can be caused by the presence of any extraneous, undesirable matter, the following are some of the more important primary sources of pollution.

Many parts of the river do not seem to have any dissolved oxygen and no wonder they fail to support the growth of any desirable aquatic organisms.

Only such organisms as bloodworms, sludge worms, bloodsuckers and certain other undesirable animals, pathogenic bacteria and pests are found.


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