What Is A True Friend Essay

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When I asked her for her help to tutor me, she was more than glad to.

She helped me everyday study, and understand what I was having trouble with and prepared me for my next math test.

You can also depend upon your friend for keeping your trust.

The importance of friendship cannot be undermined because we cannot survive without good friends.

Never rush to make friends because friendship needs a good foundation. The essence of friendship is sincerity and giving one’s self to your friend without thinking of getting anything in return.

At times, when we meet new and interesting people,!

A true friend is some one, whom you [know will be there for you, whenever you need him.

Friendship is a necessary part of every human’s life as none of us is self sufficient.

After failing a couple tests I knew I had to take action, and ask for help before it’s too late and I fail that class.

One day I was thinking who understands this subject strongly, and is willing to take their time to help me understand. I needed the help tremendously, and didn’t hesitate to ask.


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