What Is A Veteran Essay

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Courtesy of the Seattle Nisei Veterans Committee and the U.

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America’s veterans should be honored because they have suffered through so many hardships that others could not and have not survived, and they did it for their country that they loved and still love today.

I believe that veterans are our nation’s bravest citizens.

I can say that I give myself a pat on the back every day because I served my country. I didn’t really care too much about it, although the benefits are nice, I am just proud to say that I have served my country.

Q- What’s the first thing you wanted to do when you got home? Even though you guys aren’t my blood, you’ve treated me as if…

I also harbor a special adoration for them because my brother is in the Army and he has already served one tour in Iraq, and is currently on his second at the age of nineteen.

My family is either very lucky or very blessed because my brother has yet to be injured in active duty.

Joseph’s Orphanage that attended the 4th of July Party at the Red Cross given by members of the 442nd Regiment, for the evening and made sure that she had plenty of sweets to eat. Courtesy of the Seattle Nisei Veterans Committee and the U.

George Morihiro, Company “I”, 442nd Infantry Regiment, adopted a little orphan, one of the group from the St.

Q- What was the worst thing about being in the navy? I was only in the navy a short time before I got sick, and all I can remember is how awful the food was.

That will probably stick with me for the rest of my life Q- Do you still keep in touch with the people you were stationed with? A fellow by the name of Kenneth Wiltzy called me when I got home, after that we’ve been the best of friends.


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