What Is Business Continuity Plan

If we are to take the phrase “business continuity” for its surface value, the most obvious meaning would be the ability of the business or enterprise to continue operating as a going concern for a very long time.

But the term actually means more than what the words literally mean.

Perhaps a recent audit has revealed that your organization may be vulnerable during a crisis or emergency event.

No matter the reason, having some type of business continuity planning in place is appropriate for all organizations regardless of revenue, size or industry.

(NYSE: AVT) and has been a senior leader across all disciplines of IT.

He has successfully led international and domestic disaster recovery, technology assessment, crisis management and risk mitigation engagements.

It is important to remember that you should plan and prepare not only for events that will stop functions completely, but for those that also have the potential to adversely impact services or functions.

Organizations may not be able to work on the four dimensions in parallel and effectively implement the components, but without implementing all areas, an organization will not truly be prepared.

From a functional perspective, the non-BCM staff members will perform the work of recovery preparation; the BCM team will provide guidance and support.

It might seem overwhelming at first, but identifying critical processes and applications, and implementing basic recovery strategies and plans are a requirement for any functional, and effective, business continuity plan.


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