When A Boy Becomes A Man Essay

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On my way to the cash register I also saw a pair of shorts, for men, in a color somewhere between bronze and mustard.

I picked them out and tried them on and liked how they looked on me and bought them too.

Yet in order to think about that body, about that distance, I keep going back to some books.

The single best book that I’ve read, not about “who I am” (I am many things, and so are you, by the way) but about my own experience of sex and gender, has to be Jennifer Finney Boylan’s memoir, .

I have tried to have as little concern for my own privacy as I can—I’m tired of keeping secrets and don’t want more.

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I have, on the other hand, tried to have as much concern as I can for Jessie’s privacy.

I’ve chosen to share these parts of my life with you, if you stay with me; Jessie has chosen to share the whole of our life, not necessarily with readers, but with me.

= actors’ mask), a stylized mask made of words that replaces the poet’s physical, literal body, and provides a better fit for the soul.

I’ve now gone to two open houses, and I’ll go to more, though I don’t know how often, since we have a two-year-old and a six-year-old, and the open house events conflict with both of their bedtimes.

It’s astonishingly helpful to find a space where trans people can meet one another without being expected to date, or to dance on stage, or to seek medical attention.


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