When Is Rebellion Justified Essay

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We will demand that government ACTS NOW to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025.

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Our movement, which bravely faces up to the loss of so much, is no stranger to trauma – nor to tears.

Nonetheless, the efforts of French police to elicit both of these from rebels last Friday marks something of a new departure in our short history of grief, love and action.

We hope the Brits are feeling energetic, as we’ll also see uprisings this weekend in London and later this summer in Manchester, together with a wake-up call to newspapers and whatever else might be in the works…

This all before they join the rest of the world in International Rebellion, which we can now announce will begin on the 7th of October.

Whether or not the French police will change their ways, on the global scale we fear that this will not be the last time XR faces such brutality.

We know all the same that such treatment will not deter us from doing what is right.(Speaking of high culture, we’d like to proudly unveil the first piece in a new series ‘Exploring XR’ – this week features XR in Northern Ireland!) One British cultural institution that has yet to declare its opposition to annihilation is the ever-‘impartial’ BBC.Five cities will simultaneously be rearing into rebellion: so if you live in Britain, no matter where you are, you won’t be too far off to help.You can see below for details – or just sign up right now!It’s not always easy to tell, and it’s not always easy to do – but together we are making a difference.Those writing this newsletter are incredibly grateful.Further to this, a dedicated XR tent offered a platform to spread our message of a safer, better world – and what we need to do to get there.Essential to this vision is action from governments all over the world – so we’re heartened as ever to see another fortnight of fantastic actions in almost every corner: from Melbourne to Santiago, Portland to Finland, along with a whole host of UK-based actions.On the other side of the Channel, a new world was being envisioned of a very different sort.At Glastonbury, the world’s largest greenfield festival, 2,000 people joined a procession in support of Extinction Rebellion (in collaboration with Greenpeace and the Wisdom Keepers), to create the largest ever Extinction Symbol.


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