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This confuses both Mercutio and Tybalt because they do not know why he would not want to fight Tybalt or why he likes the name Capulet now.Also, later on in that scene the same confusion ensues when Romeo interferes with Mercutio’s fight with Tybalt.They try to wed her to Paris to liberate her from her grief, which shows a perfect example of a lack of communication.

In his play , William Shakespeare shows that poor communication often leads to confusion and, more importantly, catastrophe.

He does this to show the irony that immense misfortunes can occur due to the fact that people do not communicate with each other as well as they ought to, and when they do not dilemmas erupt.

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He refuses to fight because they are kinsmen, unbeknownst to Tybalt, so Mercutio decides to fight in Romeo’s place.

In another scene, Lord and Lady Capulet think Juliet is crying over her deceased cousin, Tybalt, because they do not know she is married to Romeo.The letter was not nice but full of charge..neglecting it may do much danger." (page 218, lines 14-20).The letter could have been delivered to Romeo if Friar Lawrence told Friar John just how vital it was that Romeo receives the letter.In the scene where everyone thinks Juliet is deceased there is a lack of communication between Friar Lawrence, Friar John, and Romeo.When Balthasar discovers Juliet is "dead" he goes to tell Romeo the bad news.Her parents have Juliet’s best interests in mind, but they don’t know that would only make her more miserable.All of this could have been avoided if Juliet had only told her parents she had married Romeo.Romeo does not know the truth because he never received the letter from his mentor, Friar Lawrence.Later in that same scene there is a lack of communication between Friar Lawrence and Friar John.When Romeo spots Balthasar he asks how Juliet is doing and he replies, "Her body sleeps In Capels monument." (page 211, line 119).When Romeo hears that, he is devastated and decides life is not worth living if he cannot be with Juliet.


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