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Experience is seen as being a particularly critical component but PMBOK® does not provide the process standardisation many businesses require when taking forward numerous project.Therefore, it may be sensible to use PMBOK® as a mechanism to capture innovation and creativity whilst also using more formal process models such as PRINCE2™.

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A constant focus must be maintained on the agreed success criteria, supported by a systematic stakeholder engagement process.

The resources required must be critically reviewed and (if necessary) objectives revisited to see if a more optimal approach/solution can be developed.

A project is a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product, service or result, often used to embed enduring business change (Larson & Gray, 2011).

A well-planned project adopts processes that capture agreed benefits from the outset, putting in place mechanisms that monitor progress and delivery (APM, 2006).

Any project must be able to: (Burke, 2010) Projects can share certain characteristics.

They are finite in nature (with agreed start and end points) and there is often a greater level of risk involved.Therefore risk mitigation forms a central element of any project management plan and a project team is generally neededto drive forward the changes required (Best Practice Management, 2009).BS6079 provides a useful guide and a sensible start point for the management of routine, less complex projects.Therefore, any project manager wishing to do well must establish who these stakeholders are (direct and indirect) and make sure that they have considered their needs and expectations from the outset.Common project management terms include: (Maylor, 2012) Any project possess generic elements across its lifecycle.Once approved, it is then necessary to capture all project requirements and create the clearest possible specification and this requires significant stakeholder engagement as stakeholder needs must be translated into project requirements (Larson & Gray, 2011).Agreeing project requirements ultimately requires negotiation, but the aim must be to produce an agreed list as this becomes the defining parameters of the project (Hubbard, 2017).In managing the project through clearly defined stages, the essential focus on outputs and objectives is maintained (Best Practice Management, 2009).PRINCE2™ does introduce a focus on control and management rather than innovation and creativity.The project manager then develops one or more designs (e.g.including prototypes, product sketches, building plans etc.) outlining the approach they will take to meet project requirements.


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