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Read the example carefully and you will see that the beginning of the second paragraph mirrors and repeats words from the end of the first one. However, make sure you don’t over-use words such as ‘furthermore’, ‘moreover’, ‘additionally’, ‘nonetheless’ and ‘similarly’ to start either new paragraphs or new sentences.

The words ‘employees’ and ‘family’ appear in both paragraphs. Another way to understand how link words and phrases work is to take a passage from a book and remove all words that seem to be superfluous to the argument.

The author keeps his main point – all relations are modelled on family relations – in front of the reader and then works through different examples of it. This strategy, however clever and certainly convenient, leads only to endless confusion.

When you read, see if you can spot when an author is linking things together in this way – it will help your own writing. Much offered here is repeated in other theorizing on postmodernism.

The word ‘interaction’ mirrors the word ‘relations’. Here is an example from Linda Hutcheon’s book In fact, much of what is offered here is repeated in other theorizing on postmodernism.

The phrases ‘shape their business relations in terms of’ and ‘finds a basis in’ say similar things. Like many before him (both defenders and detractors), Eagleton separates theory and practice, choosing to argue primarily in abstract theoretical terms and almost seeming to avoid mention of exactly what kind of aesthetic practice is actually being talked about.Our example shows the end of one paragraph and the beginning of another.The author’s main point is the way that family relations are the basis for all Chinese social relations, including those in the workplace. Look at these phrases carefully: they all introduce a new beginning while referring to what has gone before.Each paragraph should represent a new stage in the argument and structure of your essay.A good way to think about the content of paragraphs is the ‘Rubin method’ which says that paragraphs should contain that make clear what the writer thinks is important or pertinent about the subject or topic.Here’s an example from a book about Chinese business practices: …By using family titles to name their colleagues, Chinese employees shape their business relations in terms of the well-known conventions and roles of the family and social structure.Interaction between employers and employees also finds a basis in family-centered codes of behaviour.Now you’ve written clear sentences and arranged them into clear paragraphs you need to make your essay flow smoothly.You make this happen by linking everything together.Because poor writing skills can affect students’ success in tertiary education, it is important that writing problems are understood so that university assistance programs are adequate.This essay will identify and examine the main causes underpinning student difficulties with academic writing and consider evidence to evaluate whether programs delivered in universities address this problem.


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