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As a result, only the cultures that had their internal structures managed to overcome the stifling influences of western cultures.The power of cultural expression worked in a manner that brought together the various discourses that embraced western cultures and non-western cultures. Western civilization adopted philosophies that determined perspectives on other foreign influences.

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The best thing about better understanding of one(s) collective cultural heritage is keeping these true inspiration in ones heart, with such history embedded one could progress better.

Part 2 (b) Studying and recognizing culture differences holds significance.

Yet it is observed that Africa experienced a considerably more significant level of syncretism, particularly culturally, while.....a bright future for people.

And thus, when people go there, they get education in a western style and tend to adopt it. Foreign media, which in this case is the western media, existing in the non-western regions, has brought social change to some extent and in this modern era is the most influential source of change.

Such cultural perceptions justified the need to conquer foreign lands and to subdue other races that were defined by the relative weaknesses of cultural civilizations.

Matters of cultural superiority might be considered in terms of the manner in which they engaged with processes that determine the relative strength between cultures.For instance, the west considered the East within the discourse of orientalism.There was a sense in which the East was considered as an alien culture and necessarily inferior to western culture.Africa and Asia both consisted of many western-controlled colonies.Many of these colonies remained under British control for hundreds of years and therefore it is logical to expect a certain amount of syncretism to have naturally occurred.Essentially, other cultures were considered as inferior and deserving to be conquered and subdued.It might be necessary to consider the element of civilization within the broad perspective of cultural relationships.The discourse of culture was considered in terms of the hierarchy that existed between western cultures and the other cultures (Hause & Maltby, 2004).The manifestation of the struggle often entailed an active engagement with the hierarchical determination of the relative strength and weaknesses between the cultures.It might be argued that some of the discourses that defined the world outside the boundaries of western civilization essentially determined the manner in which these civilizations engaged with other forms of civilization.The discourses of orientalism, racism, and colonialism were necessarily conditioned by cultural perceptions of the presumed superiority of western civilization to other forms of civilization (Sherman, 2006).


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