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And to get through the big iron doors we must satisfy those guards who hold the key. But if we believe, like I do, that writing music and that music, to be truly memorable and meaningful must come from the heart, the deep-down soul of the creator and not from what some gatekeeper believes is the right arrangement of our tune, then our stories should be created the same way great songwriters write.

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Oestreich suggests that most publishers and literary journal editors are lovers of the minor key—stories with trouble, angst, sorrow, pain, suffering. In June of 1965, shortly after recording “Like a Rolling Stone,” Dylan said, “I wrote it. It was straight.” Isn’t that pretty much what we all want to say after we create our masterpiece?

We like melody but we also like math, a little bit at least. In Oestreich’s essay he wonders whether he is a writer who should be writing in the major key or the minor key; he wonders if he can do both. Give us a melody and a chord structure that knocks us out and sing and play it loud and proud.

In the future, I would like to spend more time connecting paragraphs seamlessly with fluid transitions. While the conventionally accepted definitions of literacy are, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “the ability to read and write; knowledge that relates to a specified topic,” literacy in a subject is often more complex than knowledge base, and to be literate in a topic often requires more than just comprehension. All of these types of people learn about life through music, whether they use music as a teaching tool or inadvertently gain knowledge from music; because of the benefits of literacy in music, music should be taught to kids from a young age.

Music is appreciated in almost all cultures and societies.

Conversely, when programs must be cut in school districts in the US, music programs are often decimated and severely undervalued.

There must be more advocacy for music programs in the country because literacy in music aids in becoming literate in many other subjects.

I first learned about my own literacy in music at a young age.

I have a knack for memorizing song lyrics, and my ability to learn and remember words attached to music has helped me become the reader and thinker that I am today.

I am proud of my utilization of evidence from personal experience and research to support my thesis.

I’m also proud of my collaboration with peers; I found things to look out for in my own essay by editing peers’ essays. Many others love music and have immersed themselves in music from young ages; these people tend to come from families that value music.


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